Immigration Law and Asylum Law

  • Business Immigration, Bluecard, Migration of Specialists
  • Residency, Visa
  • Naturalization
  • EU-Law regarding Residencyr (Visa, New Member States, Associated States like Turkey, Jurisdiction of European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights)
  • Work Permits
  • Asylum Procedures
  • Humanitarian Cases, "Duldungen"
  • Procedures at Marital Office and Civil Registry Office

Real Estate Law

  • Purchase Agreements, Loans and Servitudes
  • Construction Permits
  • Land Development Plans

Construction Law

  • Building Licences
  • Conflicts with Adjoining Property
  • Land Development Plans
  • Monument Protection Issues
  • Review of Statutes

Law of Concessions

  • Exceptional Permission for Foreign Craftsmen
  • Recognition of Foreign Diploma, Advice on Approbations
  • Concessions for Restricted Professions
  • Concessions for Events, Bars, Assemblies

Law regarding problems with Universities and Schools

  • Admission to Universities and Schools
  • Appeal of Examination Decisions
  • Disciplinary Measures

Law of Licences 

  • Registration of Demonstrations
  • Appeal against Contraints, Denial of Permits
  • Licences for Street Trading, Film Activities, Art Performances and other Activities