I am lawyer since 1995 and qualified as specialised Lawyer for Administratve Law - in German : Fachanwaeltin für Verwaltungsrecht - since 2001. This qualification requires continuous training, annually supervised by the Berlin Bar Association.

Fields of Law

My major expertise comprises many aspects of administrative law cases with focal point on two fields: immigration matters and construction law. Please find more and detailed information on page "Fields of Law".


I share my officespace with other lawyers, who specialised in other fields of law. This enables us tight cooperation, if necessary. My collegues are Annette Jansen (family law, criminal law), Thomas Moritz (criminal law, asylum and migration law, law of media), Wiebke Poschmann (family law, inheritance law, law of agriculture), Marten Mittelstädt (labour law, law of univeristies). In cases with international problems I can cooperate with qualified and trustworthy collegues from the U.S., Hungary, Ukraine or Turkey, whom I know for a long time.

As a member in the liberal lawyers´ organization "Republikanischer Anwaeltinnen- und Anwaltsverein RAV e.V." I take part in a pro bono program which enables deportees in custody to get free legal advice. Further partners in such refugee work are various helpdesks by church and charity institutions and the vietnamese Club Asiaticus Vinaphunu in Berlin.


Legal advice can be provided in German, English and Hungarian language.


Please be sure to get legal services at best standard when it comes to experience, diligence and personal effort.


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